Being a designer you are always challenging yourself to reach new levels and take new routes. This is one of mine.


As we were transitioning into healthy organic living at home it dawned on me how present chemicals are in everything surrounding us, from food, to furniture and clothing.


Having a son with allergies, being very sensitive to color dye fibers, it became clear to me I had to continue our organic journey with what was, and is, closest to my heart; my children. That is how Maison de Mini was born.


After researching different organic fibers I stumbled across bamboo and fell in love with the fabric. Not only is bamboo grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, it is also a light, thermal regulating, anti-fungal fabric that holds a natural UV-protection. So not only is it beneficial for my children, but also for the environment.


Maison de Mini aims to be a fun, fresh and eco-friendly brand with colorful clothing

to comfortably suit active and curious kids. All our garments are made out of sustainable bamboo or hemp and range from 3-6m up to 12y in size.


Our leftover scrapings are used for headbands, socks, hats and underwear, which we donate to orphanages and homeless shelters. In addition, 10% of all Maison de Mini’s proceeds will be donated to charity.




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